Dislocated rib treatment at home

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Dislocated rib treatment at home

Dislocated or displaced rib can be caused by intense force blow/trauma to the chest wall (ribcage). Such force might be due to accidents,fall, sports injuries etc. out of place ribs can also be caused by underlying health conditions or old age. A proper dislocated rib treatment and therapy should administered in order completely fix the affected ribs.

If you or your close relatives has popped a rib then there are some measures that must be taken in order to help the dislocated bone heal properly and faster. After seeing your doctor, or chiropractor for the dislocated rib treatment, there are things you can do at home to have a less painful recovery period.


Dislocated rib treatment

If you’ve popped a rib, it is best to go to the nearest hospital to have to rib put back in place. The optimum time to have a displaced rib put back in place is 6 – 12hrs, so it is very important that you visit your doctor in case of a rib displacement.  There is a first aid treatment for a rib which is displaced, it involves performing a R.I.C.E first air routine. R.I.C.E stands for

Rest – Stop whatever you were doing when you heard a rib pop and rest, continued movement after such rib injury might cause further damage to the surrounding area and organs.

Ice – Next apply a pack of ice (or any other frozen item available at the moment, this will reduce/stop internal bleeding of injured/bruised blood vessels, organs, capillaries. Apply ice in the 30mins on – 15 mins off manner (hold ice on injured area for 30mins a stretch, remove it, wait for 15mins then reapply the ice again) repeat this cycle for about 2-3hours.

Compress the area of the chest wall which took the blow, this will reduce swelling.

Elevation also helps to decrease swelling similarly to the way compression does. Lie on the bed, but use a pillow to prop yourself up from the back, in the same position you would seat while reading a book on the bed.


Your doctor will palpate your ribcage to diagnose which of the 12 ribs were displaced, fractured, or out of place and prescribe further exams if necessary.

Once you doctor has found the popped rib, he will then careful push it back in place.

Pain medication will also be prescribed.



Your chest area is probably wrapped with an elastic bandage, this will prevent the fixed rib from further misaligning.

Apply cold compress to the area, you can either attach an ice pack to it 20 -30mins each time. do this for about 3 or 4 times a day for the next 48 hours.

You can also alternate between cold and hot compresses – cold compress for 24hours then hot compress for the next 24hrs.

If not already done, wrap the chest wall area with a chest band, you can find one at amazon here.

Gently massage the injury area to prevent further swelling, do this 3-4 times a day for about 15mins each time.


PS: You should ask your doctor for a prescription of stool softener, depending on the severity of you injury, every movement which involves chest/ribcage movement would be extremely painful.

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Your meals should be a well balanced-diet and must include food which are high in protein – the extra protein will speed up recovery.

Drink lots of fluids in order to avoid stool hardening (constipation).


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