We all know how aggressive playing football can get, especially when you’re young and just starting out. Having a good rib protector is crucial, especially for those with a low body fat count. In this article we will be discussing the best rib protectors for football, that offer the best protection for your ribs, so sit back relax and read.

First up on the list of the best rib protectors for football is a fantastic protector from McDavid that showcases a Hex Pad protector that does a tremendous job of protecting a player’s sternum. To be sure, this McDavids compression undershirt does a great job of protecting your chest/rib cage from all impacts and protects vital organs like the heart in addition to the entire body.

Onyx rib cage brace

The design of the Hexpad allows for consistency and the ability to stretch with the player’s body to protect the rib cage area in all phases of continuity. Most importantly, the Hexmesh is designed to provide maximum airflow to all critical areas of the body. This is an excellent option for bulky heart protection gear.

A great feature of this jersey is the HYdravent Moisture technology that helps control the player’s body temperature. As a result, this is excellent in its ability to keep the wearer cool and comfortable while not affecting his performance.

The Good

  • Lightweight.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Very breathable due to the design of the fabric.
  • Great for supporting muscles to reduce fatigue.

The Bad

  • It comes in a slightly smaller size, and you will need to choose a larger size before purchasing.

2. Schutt Sports Youth Rib Protector

Schutt Sports Youth Rib Protector

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In second place in the best rib protectors for football is the Schutt Sports Junior Rib Protector, which does a great job of protecting youth players’ ribs and vital internal organs. The wrap-around design allows it to provide all-around protection for the wearer.

This product is made of high-density EVA material, a super-strong, durable, and breathable material. EVA material fabrics ensure that players can get all possible comfort with this chest protector. This piece of equipment can be attached to a shoulder pad, or it can work alone. The most remarkable thing about this protector is that it comes with a harness. For extra protection, it is recommended that the harness be secured to the shoulder pad. This allows players to move more naturally and makes them feel like they are only wearing an accessory underneath their jersey.

This chest protector is available in various sizes, allowing one to find one that fits as snugly as possible. A person should make sure to find the right size for themselves, as smaller sizes can be uncomfortable to wear, while larger sizes will minimize the protection gained from the accessory.

The Good

  • They are made of solid, breathable, and durable materials.
  • Provides excellent protection for the wearer.
  • Easily attaches itself nicely to most shoulder pads.
  • Comes ready in several sizes.
  • Has the 360-degree ability to protect the player from all sides.
  • It can be used without a shoulder pad.

The Bad

  • Adults cannot use it as it is designed for teenagers.

#3. EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt CPS14

EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt – CPS14 – Youth and Adult Sizes

The EliteTek Padded Compression vest Shirt is an ideal soccer rib protection shirt that provides extra support and padding to the rib, chest, and shoulder areas. 

It features a breathable mesh that allows fresh air to circulate in the underarm area. The brand features a single pad combination that adds strength and flexibility to this accessory.

The enhanced placement of the padding is well thought out and designed to provide better mobility for the wearer. Notably, the jersey was designed by coaches and soccer players. It has been tested several times on the field and in real soccer games. Players and coaches have made sure of this. It is this type of shirt that will make the player feel protected and increase his confidence.

The Good

  • Great for protecting the upper body or medically called the intercostal region.
  • It is a very comfortable shirt.
  • It comes in neon green and black.

The Bad

  • More difficult to clean

#4. Riddell Youth Rib Protector

Black Riddell Youth Rib Protector

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This is another great protector that fits well and stays comfortable during the duration of the whole sport, even though its core purpose is to absorb and dissipate impact. After purchase, you will find that the shoulder straps are a feature you will love about this accessory. The Riddell Youth Rib Protector comes with adjustable straps, which means the wearer can adjust it to fit their height and torso. This ensures that they are placed where they need to be.

These straps also have fixing points so that the protector can be worn in low and high positions. One thing that will discourage players is that this protector is meant to be used in conjunction with a shoulder pad. With that said, attaching it to most shoulder pads is easy.

Another feature of this fantastic product is that its exterior is made of open-cell foam, an excellent material for protecting a player’s ribs, kidneys, and liver from impact forces. One thing worth considering is that this accessory is a bit bulky, and you may find that it doesn’t fit some jerseys. When used in combination with shoulder pads, the situation gets worse. But despite this drawback, this product does an outstanding job of protecting players from impacts and keeping you away from dislocated ribs and other rib injuries.

The Good

  • It comes with adjustable shoulder straps.
  • It has attachment points so that it can be worn in both low and high positions.
  • It fits very well and is very comfortable.
  • It does a fantastic in protecting the player’s ribs and torso; this may be one of the best chest protectors for dislocated ribs.

The Bad

  • It is a bit bulky.

#5. EvoShield CustomTech EvoAlpha Football Ribbed Shirt

EvoShield CustomTech EvoAlpha Football Ribbed Shirt

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This rib protector is designed to protect a player’s rib cage from the forces generated by the impact. This shirt stands out among all the others on the market, mainly because of the Nancocell AC performance pads installed and the GEL to Shell shield that maximizes mobility while providing protection. This shield is designed with a fantastic wicking fabric that helps keep the body cool and comfortable as it sweats.

It comes available in a variety of sizes to fit anyone regardless of age or size. Therefore, players should make sure they buy the right product that’ll serve them the purpose they need it for.

It’s worth noting that this is one of the best rib protectors for adults too.

The Good

  • It is very effective in protecting the upper part of the body.
  • The size is perfect for one’s body.

The Bad

  • You need to spend a little more money to purchase it.

#6. Schutt Varsity Rib Protector

Schutt Varsity Rib Protector

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Schutt has been able to stay on top because it has been able to produce high-quality products and accessories for all sports back to back. This Rib Protector by Schutt is one of the best rib protectors for football, even for other sports like karting, etc., which your money you can buy, and there’s a good reason.

The quality of this item is excellent. It is a well-made accessory that attaches easily to the shoulder pad. It can be mounted on many shoulder pads. It can also be worn alone or attached to many models of shoulder pads, which is very appealing to many players. In addition, it comes with an accessory harness. This is to allow players to attach it without having to find an additional harness.

The product is only available in white, but this is not a limitation as it comes in multiple sizes and works well. The fact that this protector is wrap-around makes it one of the most amazing protectors out there. This means the player is protected from injuries all around him, including his back, while giving him more confidence on the field.

The Good

  • It can be easily removed as it is attached to the shoulder pads.
  • It protects a person from all sides, including the back.
  • It comes in different fitting sizes to choose from.
  • It comes with an accessory harness.
  • You can wear it without the shoulder pad.

The Bad

  • You need to spend a little more money to puIt only comes in one color.

#7. Gear 2000 Youth Rib Protector

Gear 2000 Youth Rib Protector

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When we talk about the best rib protectors for soccer that do precisely what they’re supposed to do, we must start that conversation with The Gear 2000 Youth Rib Protector because this rib protector is possibly one the most incredible ever designed for soccer. This accessory is manufactured by Gear, a premier manufacturer of tools and equipment for sports activities. In addition, the materials used to manufacture the product guarantee lightweight and optimum durability. This has given it a good reputation among satisfied customers, who have given tons of positive reviews.

The Good

  • Light-weight
  • Superb quality
  • Designed by coaches and players for coaches and players

The Bad

  • none

#8. Alpinestars bionic rib protector (black/white)

Alpinestars Bionic Rib Protector (black/white)

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This is also possibly one of the most popular sports products on the market, and at an affordable price. Most importantly, it is made of a lightweight, high-performance shield that is ergonomic and suitable for the kidneys and ribs.

In addition, the accessory is equipped with an adjustable central rear panel with Velcro attachments that provide a complete range of fit to protect worn over or under clothing. Finally, the Alpine Rib Protector uses a fully adjustable front strap with D-ring closure.

#9. Schutt Sports Varsity Hard Shell Ribbed Vest

Schutt Hard Shell Varsity Football Ribbed Vest

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This is a well-made, superb-quality rib protector, just like all of Schutt’s other products. One of the incredible and striking features of this athletic accessory is its padding. Schutt’s padding made from foam absorbs all the impact to keep players safe during the game.

In addition to protecting the lower back, it also does a great job of preserving the rib cage. If you are well ventilated, players can wear it for long periods without feeling hot, which is very attractive to most players. The fact that it is not adjustable is one of the drawbacks of these great rib protectors. There are no straps to make this possible. The buyer also needs to be very careful when choosing a size so that they don’t get a size that fits. It also comes in only one color is another drawback, but this is not a big deal since it is usually worn underneath the jersey.


The Good

  • Great impack absorbtion
  • Limited sizes
  • It is well ventilated
  • The outer padding is made of foam, which helps absorb all the impact and keeps the wearer safe while playing
  • It’s comfortable to wear for more extended periods due to its lightweight build

The Bad

  • non adjustable shoulder strap
  • It does not have straps, and there is no way to adjust it, so a person needs to be very careful when choosing a size

#10. Rollins Youth Blocking Vest

Rollins Youth Blocking Vest

This is one of the very few rib protectors with a good reputation among customers and is rated by buyers as one of the most decent soccer rib protectors. The positive comments it receives from customers are mainly due to its great features. One of them is the special high-strength closed-cell foam padding. In addition, the accessory is designed with a polyethylene load distributor that allows it to fit snugly when the player wears it.

#11. Nike Pro Core Hyperstrong 2-pad Shirt

Nike Pro Core Hyperstrong 2-Pad Top – White – XL

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This great 2-pad integrated Nike compression shirt provides superior protection for a player’s rib cage. The material used for compression goes a long way in providing the wearer with a tight and flexible fit with premium wicking capabilities. It’s a high-end quality fabric, but you’ll realize the padding is a little thinner, but the effect is much different. The point of using a thinner ribbed pad in conjunction with a compression shirt is to come up with something that absorbs shock in addition to sweat. This is super lightweight and does not add any extra weight to the player.

The Good

  • No problems with flat pads when putting on or taking off other equipment
  • The compression material works well in wicking away moisture, keeping the player dry throughout the game

The Bad

  • Pads are a bit thin and do not provide thorough protection

#12. Douglas Soccer Men’s Adjustable SP 6-inch Rib Back Combo Pad

New Douglas Soccer Men’s Adjustable SP 6 RIB Rib Back Pad Combo Pad

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Douglas is known for producing quality soccer products, such as neck rolls. This Douglas rib protector is wrap-around. The entire torso area is covered with foam padding behind a rigid panel made of plastic, allowing players to take a hit without equipment as you would be in pain. The loopholes also provide enough room for the wearer to adjust the height or height at which the protector can sit, making it easy to adjust the rib protector to meet your needs.

The Good

  • Has adjustable attachment loops for more options.
  • It covers a large surface area.
  • The combination of soft padding and hard plastic makes for a very sturdy form of protection.

The Bad

  • No available harnesses, limited to holes in the straps
  • They only fit Douglas-made shoulder pads.



#13. Xenith Football Core Backs

With Football Core Defender

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Driven by a relentless pursuit of game-changing products, Xenith is committed to groundbreaking innovation and product design. The company claims its products are designed with the needs of athletes in mind; that, being successful and protected in the field.

The Xenith Football Core Guard is specifically designed to provide core protection for the rib cage and lower back. This easily attaches to all Xenith XFlexion shoulder pads and fits most other brands. Its adjustable and removable rib pads allow players to use it as a stand-alone device.

The Good

  • It is very effective in protecting the upper part of the body.
  • The size is perfect for one’s body.

The Bad

  • You need to spend a little more money to purchase it.

How to choose a good rib protector for football

There is a criterion for use when purchasing soccer rib pads out in the field; check out.

They all have to be easy for you to use, considering the ease of wear and the use of the product.

Proof of durability must be available.

It must contain unique features to stand out from other products.

While playing on the grill, players should not feel overloaded but, at the same time, should be protected. This ensures that they are active for the duration of the game. Every player must use a rib protector because it ensures that they stay safe while playing the game.

In any physically demanding sport like soccer, players need to put in a lot of effort to protect their bodies from the necessities.

Wearing standard game equipment to protect those parts of his body, a player needs to purchase the right accessories.

When playing a sport that involves high impact (such as soccer), it is logical that each player takes the time to equip himself with the right items to prepare his body for the workout. One such accessory is a rib protector, which is essential to reduce the chances of a player being blown over by the wind, as all players fear it.

In more precise terms detailing the concept of a rib protector, this is an optional piece of soccer equipment attached to the player’s shoulder pads. In other words, it is not included in the standard set of accessories for soccer.

While there is no “correct” way to secure a rib protector, wearers often use screws or bolts to attach accessories such as neck braces, in our case, rib protectors. Sometimes you may come across many brands that offer wearers a strap instead of using bolts or screws to attach accessories manually. But then again, players need to remember that wearing a harness may not be as secure as using metal tools to connect items physically.

Top Football Rib Protectors for Youth and Men Reviews

Types of protectors

When the issue of guarding a player’s ribs arises, there are compression undershirts or shirts with padding, and then there are traditional rib protectors. A padded compression undershirt consists of a compression material and padding integrated into the chest area. Typical (standard) protectors usually come with straps, harnesses, or both so that players can apply the accessories properly to their soccer equipment. Sometimes, compression undershirts may also contain integrated padding for the top of the shoulders and provide additional padding underneath the shoulder pads.

Which do you choose as the best rib protector? Well, it depends on your unique need for this piece of equipment. If all you want is extra padding throughout the upper body, then a compression undershirt with integrated padding will keep you safe. However, if you are looking for something with a specific bulk, a traditional rib protector won’t hurt. While you can hit two birds with one stone by purchasing a comfortable compression undershirt, you can’t rely on its padding, as is expected with traditional materials.

Benefits of rib protectors

It is crucial for skilled players, especially quarterbacks, to wear rib protectors. The reason for this is because the players most likely to be shanked are those with the ball in their hands, so leaving the ribs out of the protection scheme could lead to injury after taking a hard hit in the right spot.

As you may know, skill players (quarterbacks, tight ends, defensive backs, wide receivers, running backs, etc.) tend to be leaner than linebackers and edge rushers. Because they have a minimal body fat count, they are susceptible to injuries to their ribs, such as rib fractures/bruises and even perforated lungs.

While rib protectors have proven very useful for skill players, wearing them is not a wrong decision, even if you don’t usually touch the ball. It’s not uncommon to see defensive backs and linebackers wearing rib protectors. After all, they do get into the mix just like all other positions. Sure, you can find exceptions, but most linemen tend to avoid rib protectors overall.

Whether you are participating at the adult or junior level, obtaining a rib protector shows that you take your ribs and back very seriously. Without someone’s eyes on the back of their head, players will never know what’s coming at them. Using a compression undershirt with padding or rib protectors can help players protect themselves from potential injuries.