The least painful way of getting out of bed with broken ribs

How do you get up with a broken rib? What is the least painful way of getting out of bed with broken ribs? 

You ever wondered how a person with broken ribs goes to sleep at night or gets off the bed in the morning? It’s a tough life.

Slow movements are a vital process for healing any rib injuries; although not getting up from the bed may sound very tempting, it’s not recommended.

What is the best way of getting out of bed with broken ribs?

This article will hopefully, help you manage your rib pain by describing how to get up with broken ribs.

Broken ribs are like a dislocated rib‘s big angry brother, and it’s a painfully severe problem and no joke at all.

As a result, most of the physical activities you enjoy doing, like running, walking, jumping, driving, will be more challenging and, for some, next to impossible.

They are among the most common injuries whenever an accident occurs; as discussed, a blunt force to the chest area will result in serious chest injuries.

Fortunately, broken ribs are not life-threatening; unless the broken rib head punctures an internal, vital organ housed in the rib cage. 

A far worse scenario is when the broken rib shatters into smaller pieces and is sent flying all inside the rib cage.

The sharp edges of the broken rib bones can cause damage to internal organs or blood arteries, leading to bleeding and organ damage in the body.

One thing is sure; broken rib injuries can be excruciating; However, undelayed treatments will make the healing process more manageable and manage the pain.

But if you don’t have enough money and weren’t unfortunate enough to have a bad accident, most broken rib injuries will re-attach themselves together, will heal on their own within a month or two without any intervention by a doctor.

As we have learned the basics of broken ribs, let’s move on to the actual topic and discuss the best ways of getting out of bed with broken ribs with as little pain as possible.

Steps of getting out of bed with broken ribs 

Many people want to know if they will get out of bed after a broken rib, and the answer is yes.

Although, it’s recommended to do so cautiously because if you exert a lot of pressure on the wrong side or are done incorrectly, it can lead to bleeding localized in the injury site.

When you are involved in a bad accident, for example, a car accident, a rib fracture usually occurs, and then you get all the impact on your chest, resulting in chest trauma.

It can be challenging to move because there is no guarantee that every movement you make will be safe enough to prevent the broken bone from piercing your organs or causing secondary injury.

With today’s technology, specific products have been developed to help you heal faster, manage your injury pain, and feel as comfortable as possible.

However, not everyone has the privilege or funds to afford such products since some can be pretty expensive.

But even though they are expensive, they will not let you down because of their support to people with broken bones.

These braces wrap around your body where broken or fractured ribs add comfort and provide constant relief for the entire muscle. You can check the article on the best braces for ribs here.

Getting out of bed with broken ribs – How to

Your bed is one of the most comfortable and desirable pieces of furniture you can have in your home.

It provides the comfort you need through soft cushions that offer back or full-body support when lying down.

Hospitals take into account the needs of their patients, especially the beds. That’s why all hospital beds have adjustable settings.

It is vital that you know the best position for you to feel comfortable; Even if your ribs are broken, you can still sleep.

Now to get into the real question, how do you get up with a broken rib?

Let’s discuss it here to give you an idea of how to do it.

Step 1. Wrap yourself in the clothes you are wearing – or use braces

Start by grabbing the sides of your shirt and holding it as tightly as possible, holding it in the middle with only one hand.

You must tighten it as much as possible to prevent the broken ribs from moving inside and not aggravate the pain you feel.

This is because one wrong move may have an immediate effect on your body, causing more discomfort and possibly even requiring surgery.

This step also applies when you get up or get out of bed.

It’s crucial to avoid tilting while in bed. Some patients would do this by propping their bodies using soft blankets or pillows; this will help you to restrict your movements while you sleep.

Step 2. Breathe deeply

The discomfort associated with the chest movement when you breathe may force you to take shallow breaths, as they’re less painful; it is essential to practice deep breathing. 

Shallow breathing may cause liquid to lodge in your lungs and make cause secondary infections like pneumonia.

Do not attempt to move your body first after completing the wrap.

Instead, breathe while you are still in the reclined position to relax well.

Do this often, practicing using your diaphragm to draw air into your abdomen and then exhale.

Do this for up to five seconds.

Step 3. Use a pillow as an elevation

Once you have inhaled enough air into your body, call a partner out, as this part can be risky if no one is around to help.

Now to do this, slowly lift your back upward with the help of your friend.

Use a pillow or a soft cushion to support your back before you attempt getting out of bed.

Then while the pillow is there, let your backrest a little bit on it and let your partner slowly prop you up while taking extra care not to exert pressure from behind.

It’s best to use the assistance of a friend, spouse, or partner. 

Carrying the pillow or cushion yourself would require some force, and with your current state, any amount of pressure is exaggerated in folds, thus causing more pain to your body.

Now you can sit down on the side of the bed for a few seconds of deep breathing.

Next, gently stand up, making sure that most of the pressure is levied on the legs, with as little force/pressure on the arms.

Start walking gently now, still, while your friend is still holding propping your back.

Rest is vital for a quick recovery, so make sure you get enough rest to give your body time to heal.

Eat more protein meals speed up the rib healing process.

How to sleep with fractured ribs

Basically, the steps on how to sleep with fractured ribs are the same as getting out of bed, the difference is, it’s done in the reverse.

  1. Start by walking gently to the location where you bed is and gently sit on the side of the bed.
  2. Ask a friend to prop your back with a pillow or a soft cushion as he gently and carefully lowers your back to the bed.

It’s important to set up the bed in the way that you’re most comfortable with for sleep before lowering you into the bed.

So that’s it.

The least painful way of getting out of bed with broken ribs – Conclusion

Hopefully, we were able to paint the right picture with our descriptions. We’ll be updating this post with a video in no time. We hope this article answered your question regarding getting out of bed with broken ribs and how to get out of the bed with a fractured ribs injury.

We hope you also understood the reverse procedures outlineed on how to sleep with fractured ribs section.

Remember, resting is vital to healing an injured rib.

We are wishing you a safe recovery soonest!